Funny how we do not realize that somethings in our home need to change. I never gave my rice cooker much thought. Believe me, it has been my reliable companion for the last 20 years! I have also been rather careless with it after initial few years. In fact, I have used it straight on the dining table. It has become ugly with all those scratches from the steel spatula, and of course, the steel mesh that we use for washing vessels. The other night my colleague invited me over. Actually, she is my former colleague. I am now her boss. I saw her rice cooker. It had a stainless steel pot looking as good as new. I couldn’t possibly ask her how long she’d been using it, but she cooked different dishes in that. Wasn’t it a great way, I thought. Why am I stuck with the old dowdy one? Since kitchen and kitchenware are my department, I did not have to ask my husband’s permission. Even though my old faithful rice cooker is still functional, I decided to go for a new rice cooker with a steel pot in it. Of course, I had to have the best, or at least something that was better than the one my former colleague had. So I searched for the best stainless steel rice cooker reviews.


I never rely on reviews from a single website. I searched many websites and to be honest, I was confused. I could not believe that rice cookers these days are so versatile. I was also happy to note that many of them offered additional steamer and could be used for multiple function. However, there was the design question. The traditional round shape versus the modern beetle like shape, which had the digital display on top was the first dilemma. I could not find consistent reviews for the modern beetle shaped rice cookers with stainless steel pots, so I opted for traditional shape, even though I would have preferred the digital display to be on the top. I guess they will get around to that sometime in future. The next problem was eliminating the rice cookers that had additional vessel for steaming and those that did not have them. I found that most of the established rice cooker manufacturers such as Panasonic did not offer the additional vessel. To be honest, it also looked odd. It did not take me long to decide what I wanted then.

Finally, I opted for this Instant Pot IP-LUX60, which is a 6 quart rice cooker but this is also a pressure cooker. It can be used for six different types of cooking, which is just what I need. I could still use my old rice cooker for cooking rice and cook other things in this, if ever I was in a rush. I liked the delay timer in it. I mean I can get up late and the rice cooker will work without me switching it on. I can also manually set the cooking time in it. Now, as to steaming food, especially fish, I may have to buy something that fits inside the pot. I have some idea about it though I need to go to shop searching for it. I have used this rice cooker for a month now, and we compared power consumption with my previous rice cooker. I can assure you that there are perceptible savings with this rice cooker.