Are you looking for a knife that will chop, slice and dice without breaking a sweat? A knife that is not just about dicing and slicing but also saves you both trouble and time. Below is the best kitchen knife review detailing top notch knives and will help you to buy the best rated kitchen knives that meets your requirements.
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The Global G-2 8-inch Cook’s Knife
This is a good cook’s or chef’s knife, which is a Japanese gyuto knife, It is a hybrid between a santoku and a traditional cook’s knife. The knife is said to be light and narrow, has a sharp blade which produces thin and even slices. It will slice even tough foods like squash easily. The knife is well balanced with a comfortable handle that provides a firm grip. It is however, uncomfortably small for cooks or chefs with large hands.

The knife’s blade is non-serrated but has a curved edge for easier chopping and slicing with a smooth and rocking motion.

The W├╝sthof Classic Santoku 4183

This santoku knife is sharp, comfortable and well balanced. It is also small and light, and has a firm and comfortable grip. The knife is not expensive as compared to other santoku knives. It can comfortably handle heavy duty chopping and slicing.

The knife’s blade is not stamped out but rather hammered out of just a single metal piece. The blade also has indentations along its length so as to keep food from sticking on it. Its full tang construction ensure durability of the knife.

The Wusthof Classic 3 and a Half Inch Paring Knife
This is a good paring knife that has a solid built and precision. It is entirely designed for detail work which include trimming or peeling as well as delicate kitchen tasks. The knife is sharp, has a comfortable handle and well balanced. This short knife can also serve as an excellent steak knife. The blade is forged steel, smooth and curved for enhanced mincing. Its design is solid with a comfortable and firm grip.

The J.A. Henckels Four Star Knife
This is a set of seven pieces which include a 4 inch paring knife, a 5 inch utility knife(serrated), a 5 inch santoku knife, an 8 inch chef’s knife, shears, storage block and a sharpening steel. The set of knives are sharp with fairly good balance. The edges of the knives also hold up well over time. However, the knives require regular sharpening.

Their handles provide firm and comfortable grips. The knives in this set are forged from a single piece of steel and hence a little bit expensive.

Hence from the best kitchen knife review above, go ahead and pick a knife that best suits you and your kitchen needs, and experience the advantages that come with it.