We live in a wooded area outside the outer city limits. Our house is the only one in the area. Prior to moving here, we used to live in the city. When the children left home, we thought we needed some peace and tranquility in our lives and bought this place which came at a reasonable price. There is a small lake in the woods that we go to quite often and spend some time on a bench at its banks. Some evenings, we also take our dog for a walk through the woods. It gets rather dark when we get back home. The torch we had earlier didn’t have a beam that could show beyond 15 feet. So we decided to pay more and get the best LED flashlight that was available in the market.

When we went online to buy one, nearly all LED flashlights were reviewed as the best at one site or the other. It was a difficult choice for us. After reading reviews at some good sites, our search was narrowed to flashlights with LED lights that were guaranteed for 25,000 hours, had aircraft-grade aluminium bodies for durability, and had a lithium battery for easy recharging if necessary through an USB port. It needed to have hand crank and solar panel charging options also if we were buying the latest model. Since we were getting along in age, we also needed a flashlight that had a bright color so we could find it easily if we forgot where we had kept it.

We found one torchlight with all the above features. The best thing was it could also be adjusted to flood or spot focus with ease. We read reviews thoroughly, and almost everyone who owned this vouched for its efficiency, durability, and ease of recharging. We purchased it, and like others consider it the best LED flashlight available. We go more often in the woods during the evenings these days, and the spotlight in the flood focus nearly shows our home from the lake that is a good 300 metres away.

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