We love camping outdoors! During long weekends, we invariably pack our gear and head for the mountains that is an hour’s drive away from where we live. We set up camp near a lake, and try and live on what nature has to offer. We use flint stones for fire, pick fruits and vegetables from the wild, and spend most of the time exploring the countryside on designated trails. One thing we don’t compromise on though is sleep since it is very important for us to rest well to hike all that distance the next day. And when it comes to a bed, we have the best queen air mattress for camping that is available in the market!


Our queen size air bed offers great comfort with its soft flocking and wedge lining that allows a bed sheet to be tucked in to stay in place despite movements during the night. It is the next best thing to sleeping on a regular bed, and gives us the feeling as if we are on our regular box spring mattress at home. It has a battery for the inbuilt pump that can be charged by the lighter in the SUV console panel. The inbuilt pump also monitors air pressure throughout the night while we are asleep, and switches on automatically if air pressure drops. The support coils and side beams are made of high-quality vinyl that keeps the mattress contour in place, and offers great support while we are asleep. The best thing is the mattress is approximately 22 inches away from the floor, giving it a ‘real’ bed feeling, unlike a low-slung bed where we may find ourselves waking up on the ground after falling off during sleep. The independence that the battery charger provides also allows us to set up camp anywhere instead of looking for a place that has a power supply nearby.

All these great features and the repute of the brand as being the best in the market that assures durability and great after sales service, has led us to believe that we have the best queen air mattress that money can buy! When we paid a few bucks more to get this mattress, we knew this was a lifetime investment rather than a mattress that would last us a short while and then develop leaks and would be useless after some time!