I have been backpacking at least twice each year for the past four years. A camping trip has always been my way of unwinding and getting away from my busy work schedule. I recently joined a group of backpacking enthusiasts who feel that it’s their duty to encourage people to take up camping as a hobby as well as save the environment. So far, our membership is growing. Since joining the group, a question most new members ask concerns the type of tent to buy for a camping trip. Amazingly, many veteran campers including I never thought about it and didn’t have a straightforward answer. I’ve therefore compiled this short guide to finding the best tents for your trip.

The first thing to consider when buying a tent is your camping location. What are the geographical and climatic conditions there? The type of tent you buy should be able to withstand the elements ans well as keep you safe. You can also buy an all weather tent that works well in all climatic conditions.
Second, consider who will be using the tent. A single user tent will work great if you’re backpacking alone. A larger tent for two or more will be necessary if you’re being accompanied by your partner or family and friends.

Third, consider the type of material used to make the tent. Camping tents are made from a range fabric ranging from polyester to canvas. The pole materials include aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber. The materials used to make the tent will determine its weight, functionality and durability. It will also determine cost.

Finally, you should consider any additional features which make the tent more functional. For example, if you are looking for a two people tent, you might consider one with two doors for convenience.

Overall, there’s no single tent that can claim to be the best of them all. Finding the best is largely determined by your individual camping needs being met by a quality tent.