chef knivesConsider Your Knife Needs
Starting from scratch? Then a small knife set might be your best bet. You’ll save money over buying knives individually and they often come with a block for storage. Just make sure the set includes knives you’ll use like a chef’s knife, a long serrated bread knife, and a 4-5 inch utility knife. Skip sets that include lots of pieces you don’t need.

Buy the Basics
The single most important cutting implement in any kitchen is the chef’s knife, which comes in sizes between 6 and 14 inches. We recommend 8-inch knives, which are long enough to slice through a roast or cut up a large piece of meat, but not too big for finer tasks like mincing herbs or chopping vegetables. Other good knives to own are a long serrated bread knife and a short (4- to 5-inch) utility knife.

Look for a Better Blade
The vast majority of kitchen knives are either forged and stamped. Forged blades are heated and formed from a single piece of steel while stamped blades are made from a piece of steel punched out from a large sheet of metal. If you want to hang on to your knife for a long time, opt for a forged blade; they are stronger, and far more sturdy in your hand than knives made from stamped steel.

Pay Attention to Design
Knives with a full tang (a blade that is made of a single piece of metal that runs all the way through the knife handle) tend to offer the best control. A bolster (a thick piece of metal between the handle and the blade) offers extra weight and can help balance the knife. It also provides an easy place to grip if you use a pinch grip to hold your knife. A curved blade, which is easy to rock back and forth on a cutting board, will help with finer tasks like mincing or slicing small foods.

Take It For a Test Run
You may not be able to slice and dice in the store, but make sure you pick up any knife you’re considering. Find a length you’re comfortable with and make sure the grip feels good in your hand. Depending on how you hold the knife, you may appreciate a contoured handle or rubberized grip. Also notice the heft; a heavy knife will be great for more arduous tasks like cutting through bones or root vegetables, but may tire your hand out after lots of cutting. If you want one that’s super lightweight, consider an ultra-light ceramic knife.

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cookingFor some, having recently, the standard cookware is sufficient provided it fills its need of getting your nourishment cooked. Nevertheless, proficient cookware can have a huge effect on your cooking and offer you some assistance with food better, in this way more individuals welcome your cooking as well. Proficient cookware is not only for kitchen specialist cooking on TV or for the top of the line eateries to use, but there are also presently families who perceive the advantages of utilizing the best cookware as a part of their kitchens.

If any brand you admire to strive for your kitchen, perusing cookware reviews will be a best move. This cookware audits will offer you some assistance with knowing more about the lovely pots and skillet you require in your kitchen. You do not need to be a specialist to distinguish cookware tools that are of the most high quality. Picking a cookware set as a rule, spares you cash and a set guarantees that every one of the pieces you have will coordinate in quality, appearance and use. However, which cookware set would it be the best for you to pick?

Calphalon Cookware

The Calphalon cookware is made from a procedure concocted by NASA to make anodized aluminum cookware. It has the benefit of being hard and smooth, usually impervious to corosion, and being non-stick too. The main cookware items were made for export specialists, yet later the Calphalon items were conveyed to the shopper market.

Calphalon has two or three special cookware product offerings. It joins the hard anodized aluminum material with a non-stick surface to deliver to a significant degree heavy pots and skillet. They are protected to use on the stove, on the stove or under the oven, and you can even utilize metallic utensils with them. As a note, the Calphalon One additionally arrives in a standard non-stick rendition

The Simply Calphalon Stainless pots and pans are intended for home cooks on a financial plan. There is likewise the Calphalon Everyday cookware that is still exceptionally sturdy, with a non-stick surface. With both of these product offerings, it is prescribed that you not utilize metal utensils with them, or use them under a grill.

However Calphalon cookware heat rapidly, so it is prescribed to warm and cook on low to medium heat just to maintain a critical distance from nourishment overcooking and smoldering. This line of cookware is contemporary in configuration, simple to clean, and shifting limited sets incorporate browning dish, omelet skillet, pans, saute container and stockpots. Costs range from about $200 up to around $700

More up to date advances make proficient cookware more sparing to utilize and they last more when contrasted and less expensive ones. They make a great venture for the kitchen and your family who will without a doubt appreciate cooking and eating the sustenances arranged splendidly. If you should purchase an arrangement of cookware, ensure you pick something that will serve you well and for quite a while. Proficient cookware sets, however, they’re a bit pricier than standard sets, will dependably be the best cookware decision. You’ll spare additional time and vitality besides; they are certainly justified regardless of your cash!

coffeeGoing on a low-carb diet means making big changes to your dietary habits, including giving up bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and sweets. Many beverages also contain too many carbohydrates to be part of a low-carb diet, including soft drinks, fruit punches, pure fruit juices, energy drinks, chocolate milk, yogurt drinks and many alcoholic drinks. Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages. If you feel like you can’t function without your java, you may be wondering how coffee fits into a low-carb diet.

Coffee and Carb Content

Black coffee, whether it is filtered, espresso or decaffeinated, does not contain any calories nor carbohydrates and is suitable for a low-carb diet. You can add small amounts of cream, which contains 0.5 g of carbs per 1 tbsp. on average, but check the label to be sure. Each packet of sugar adds 4 g of carbs, and 1 tbsp. of milk has about 1 g of carbs. Specialty coffees have a large amount of sugar added to them, making their carb content reach 12 to 59 g per 16-oz. serving — and up to 80 g with whipped cream.

Carb Cravings

If you used to have a cup of mocha, caramel latte or other sweetened and high-carb coffee beverage on a regular basis, going to the coffee shop to order a black coffee may be difficult for you and the temptation to have your sweet coffee may be great. Even if you prepare your own coffee at home, drinking black coffee, if you are not used to it, could trigger carb cravings just because you have previously associated the taste of coffee with sweetness. There is nothing wrong with including carb-free coffee in your low-carb diet, but pay attention to how you feel to make sure coffee doesn’t trigger carb cravings.

Artificial Sweeteners

Many low-carb dieters use artificial sweeteners, or sugar substitutes, in their coffee to satisfy their sweet tooth without impacting their carb count. Although artificial sweeteners do not contain any carbohydrates and are suitable for a low-carb diet, they contribute to maintaining your sweet tooth and can make you crave sweets or starchy foods. Some people also experience weight loss plateaus when using artificial sweeteners in the context of a low-carb diet. Judge for yourself. Notice if you have frequent carb cravings or if you are unable to lose weight. If this is the case, try eliminating artificial sweeteners to relieve your cravings and help you resume your weight loss.

Kick the Coffee Habit

Black, espresso or decaffeinated coffee, with or without cream and artificial sweeteners, is usually allowed on a low-carb diet. However, if you believe that your coffee habit is hindering your progress on your low-carb diet, whether by maintaining your desire for sweets and carbs or by impairing your weight loss, try cutting coffee from your diet for a few weeks. Replace coffee with tea and herbal tea if you prefer hot beverages, or tap or soda water with a twist of lemon or lime juice.

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Are you looking for a knife that will chop, slice and dice without breaking a sweat? A knife that is not just about dicing and slicing but also saves you both trouble and time. Below is the best kitchen knife review detailing top notch knives and will help you to buy the best rated kitchen knives that meets your requirements.
knife (2)
The Global G-2 8-inch Cook’s Knife
This is a good cook’s or chef’s knife, which is a Japanese gyuto knife, It is a hybrid between a santoku and a traditional cook’s knife. The knife is said to be light and narrow, has a sharp blade which produces thin and even slices. It will slice even tough foods like squash easily. The knife is well balanced with a comfortable handle that provides a firm grip. It is however, uncomfortably small for cooks or chefs with large hands.

The knife’s blade is non-serrated but has a curved edge for easier chopping and slicing with a smooth and rocking motion.

The Wüsthof Classic Santoku 4183

This santoku knife is sharp, comfortable and well balanced. It is also small and light, and has a firm and comfortable grip. The knife is not expensive as compared to other santoku knives. It can comfortably handle heavy duty chopping and slicing.

The knife’s blade is not stamped out but rather hammered out of just a single metal piece. The blade also has indentations along its length so as to keep food from sticking on it. Its full tang construction ensure durability of the knife.

The Wusthof Classic 3 and a Half Inch Paring Knife
This is a good paring knife that has a solid built and precision. It is entirely designed for detail work which include trimming or peeling as well as delicate kitchen tasks. The knife is sharp, has a comfortable handle and well balanced. This short knife can also serve as an excellent steak knife. The blade is forged steel, smooth and curved for enhanced mincing. Its design is solid with a comfortable and firm grip.

The J.A. Henckels Four Star Knife
This is a set of seven pieces which include a 4 inch paring knife, a 5 inch utility knife(serrated), a 5 inch santoku knife, an 8 inch chef’s knife, shears, storage block and a sharpening steel. The set of knives are sharp with fairly good balance. The edges of the knives also hold up well over time. However, the knives require regular sharpening.

Their handles provide firm and comfortable grips. The knives in this set are forged from a single piece of steel and hence a little bit expensive.

Hence from the best kitchen knife review above, go ahead and pick a knife that best suits you and your kitchen needs, and experience the advantages that come with it.


I have some moments on my hand. My husband is out of station, and the laptop is free. I don’t cook much when nobody is around. So here I am trying to search for something that I can buy this Christmas. I have enough clothes, and jewelry looks hideous on me. Nobody looks at my purses or heels anymore. There are young beauties all around, so I have resigned to my fate. I, however, need something new this Christmas. It feels good to bring in something new every festive season, isn’t it? I went through many of these lists, including best toasters.

My budget is about $100. I have enough number of toasters that come within that limit to select from. So what are the features of these toasters. And do I want toaster or toaster oven? First let me go through lists of best toasters and see what is available.

Almost all these lists approve of Breville BTA 840 XL, which is a 4 slices toaster. The nice thing about it is it can be used for wider slices. But this is costly! I would have to pay another seventy dollars more for this one. I like the fact that they have all those command buttons on top, but I am not sure how long the heat generated in the appliance will keep them going. There are functions like defrost, bagel, cancel and reheat in those. I am not sure what that additional money will be taken from me for. I mean there is that feature of letting me check whether the toast is ready or not, but should I pay more for that?

If I had to buy I would prefer Krups KH734D50 simply because this toaster can also be used to toast 4 slices but it can also be used to slice two slices. Now, isn’t that a great feature? Only problem with this one it seems is that the body gets too hot. Definitely not the right one for me.

Cusinart’s CPT 340 seems to be faring better than the Krupps machine with similar feature. I guess I might opt for this machine because it fulfils all my requirements.

In the year 2014, I was involved in a car accident that left me with an injured spine. In fact, this only worsened my situation because at the age of 52 I was already suffering some serious back pain. As I continued to make regular visits to my doctor’s office, he kept insisting on one thing-and that is to get a mattress that will help in recovery process. This is how I ended up delving into research in order to find out the best brand that I can purchase. In other words, I read lots of Fox air beds reviews. As a matter of fact, you can only get the best mattresses for back pain if read and understand what he experts have to say. I also did my level best and tried to find out the best places that offer better prices.


There are a number of things that I discovered in my quest for a quality and reliable mattress that is good for my situation. To begin with, comfort is a must-consider when it comes to mattresses. Actually, this is what determines whether you will have a great sleep or not. Secondly, there is the issue of material used to make the mattresses and if you value durability then this is one point you can never overlook. It is equally important to consider deflate and inflate rate so that you do not waste a lot of time trying to get the best comfortable levels you need. Last but not least, you must consider the how the seams are sewn so that you are sure that there will be no leaks the moment you start using the mattress.

I made a choice after considering all the important factors and took note of every little thing that my doctor had advised on. There is one thing that I can confess today-I am totally healed and have no regrets that I made that decision. My recovery was simply amazing, and I vividly remember that very first day I used the mattress I sleep like a newly born baby. I have been thinking of others who are experiencing back pain and know for sure that if they make the correct decision then definitely they will get rid of the pain too.

This is not rocket science and all you need to do is choose the best mattresses based on your unique needs. I have always encouraged people to read fox air beds reviews. In fact, its one of the most reliable ways to find the best mattresses for back pain on the market today. A I have also been thinking of starting forum where people with back pain issues can discuss their success stories.

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Funny how we do not realize that somethings in our home need to change. I never gave my rice cooker much thought. Believe me, it has been my reliable companion for the last 20 years! I have also been rather careless with it after initial few years. In fact, I have used it straight on the dining table. It has become ugly with all those scratches from the steel spatula, and of course, the steel mesh that we use for washing vessels. The other night my colleague invited me over. Actually, she is my former colleague. I am now her boss. I saw her rice cooker. It had a stainless steel pot looking as good as new. I couldn’t possibly ask her how long she’d been using it, but she cooked different dishes in that. Wasn’t it a great way, I thought. Why am I stuck with the old dowdy one? Since kitchen and kitchenware are my department, I did not have to ask my husband’s permission. Even though my old faithful rice cooker is still functional, I decided to go for a new rice cooker with a steel pot in it. Of course, I had to have the best, or at least something that was better than the one my former colleague had. So I searched for the best stainless steel rice cooker reviews.


I never rely on reviews from a single website. I searched many websites and to be honest, I was confused. I could not believe that rice cookers these days are so versatile. I was also happy to note that many of them offered additional steamer and could be used for multiple function. However, there was the design question. The traditional round shape versus the modern beetle like shape, which had the digital display on top was the first dilemma. I could not find consistent reviews for the modern beetle shaped rice cookers with stainless steel pots, so I opted for traditional shape, even though I would have preferred the digital display to be on the top. I guess they will get around to that sometime in future. The next problem was eliminating the rice cookers that had additional vessel for steaming and those that did not have them. I found that most of the established rice cooker manufacturers such as Panasonic did not offer the additional vessel. To be honest, it also looked odd. It did not take me long to decide what I wanted then.

Finally, I opted for this Instant Pot IP-LUX60, which is a 6 quart rice cooker but this is also a pressure cooker. It can be used for six different types of cooking, which is just what I need. I could still use my old rice cooker for cooking rice and cook other things in this, if ever I was in a rush. I liked the delay timer in it. I mean I can get up late and the rice cooker will work without me switching it on. I can also manually set the cooking time in it. Now, as to steaming food, especially fish, I may have to buy something that fits inside the pot. I have some idea about it though I need to go to shop searching for it. I have used this rice cooker for a month now, and we compared power consumption with my previous rice cooker. I can assure you that there are perceptible savings with this rice cooker.

Juicing is an effective way to keep your family healthy. A glass of cold and mouthwatering homemade vegetable or fruit juice can also keep you refreshed particularly during hot days which are expected this upcoming summer. However, a powerful and reliable juicing machine is needed to make this possible. With hundreds of models available in the market today, it’s not a big surprise why majority of homeowners end up confused. Which between two of the best juicers namely Maxi-Matic EJX-9700 and Jack Lalanne Juicer is a better choice? Read further and get to know more on the best juicer to buy on their respective pros and cons so you can come up with a much reasonable purchasing decision.


Maxi-Matic EJX-9700

Best juicer machine reviews claim that Maxi-Matic EJX-9700 is the best choice for homeowners who want to have a powerful juicer but have to deal with a limited budget. This juicer can be a part of anyone’s kitchen by spending less than $60. It comes with a stainless-steel 700-watt motor, filter, and mesh. With its oversized strainer and extra-large pulp container, you can juice continuously and save a lot of time through the Maxi-Matic EJX-9700. This model is also popular among shoppers due to its safety-lock and shut-off function which encourages safer juicing. The product’s overall package includes the juicing machine and 1-quart juicer pitcher with foam separator. (Official website)

Jack Lalanne Juicer

The best juicers reviews never fail to entice homeowners to grab this product. Majority of them, if not all, exclaim that the Jack Lalanne juicer is the perfect partner for home juicing. It comes with a very powerful 3,600 RPM motor, large feeding chute, stainless steel blades, mesh filter, large-capacity pulp collector, non-drip sprout, and dishwasher-safe parts. Although it’s a bit expensive compared to known competing brands, the Jack Lalanne is still a very reasonable pick as it offers virtually anything you might need to produce refreshing treats for the whole family.

We love camping outdoors! During long weekends, we invariably pack our gear and head for the mountains that is an hour’s drive away from where we live. We set up camp near a lake, and try and live on what nature has to offer. We use flint stones for fire, pick fruits and vegetables from the wild, and spend most of the time exploring the countryside on designated trails. One thing we don’t compromise on though is sleep since it is very important for us to rest well to hike all that distance the next day. And when it comes to a bed, we have the best queen air mattress for camping that is available in the market!


Our queen size air bed offers great comfort with its soft flocking and wedge lining that allows a bed sheet to be tucked in to stay in place despite movements during the night. It is the next best thing to sleeping on a regular bed, and gives us the feeling as if we are on our regular box spring mattress at home. It has a battery for the inbuilt pump that can be charged by the lighter in the SUV console panel. The inbuilt pump also monitors air pressure throughout the night while we are asleep, and switches on automatically if air pressure drops. The support coils and side beams are made of high-quality vinyl that keeps the mattress contour in place, and offers great support while we are asleep. The best thing is the mattress is approximately 22 inches away from the floor, giving it a ‘real’ bed feeling, unlike a low-slung bed where we may find ourselves waking up on the ground after falling off during sleep. The independence that the battery charger provides also allows us to set up camp anywhere instead of looking for a place that has a power supply nearby.

All these great features and the repute of the brand as being the best in the market that assures durability and great after sales service, has led us to believe that we have the best queen air mattress that money can buy! When we paid a few bucks more to get this mattress, we knew this was a lifetime investment rather than a mattress that would last us a short while and then develop leaks and would be useless after some time!


We live in a wooded area outside the outer city limits. Our house is the only one in the area. Prior to moving here, we used to live in the city. When the children left home, we thought we needed some peace and tranquility in our lives and bought this place which came at a reasonable price. There is a small lake in the woods that we go to quite often and spend some time on a bench at its banks. Some evenings, we also take our dog for a walk through the woods. It gets rather dark when we get back home. The torch we had earlier didn’t have a beam that could show beyond 15 feet. So we decided to pay more and get the best LED flashlight that was available in the market.

When we went online to buy one, nearly all LED flashlights were reviewed as the best at one site or the other. It was a difficult choice for us. After reading reviews at some good sites, our search was narrowed to flashlights with LED lights that were guaranteed for 25,000 hours, had aircraft-grade aluminium bodies for durability, and had a lithium battery for easy recharging if necessary through an USB port. It needed to have hand crank and solar panel charging options also if we were buying the latest model. Since we were getting along in age, we also needed a flashlight that had a bright color so we could find it easily if we forgot where we had kept it.

We found one torchlight with all the above features. The best thing was it could also be adjusted to flood or spot focus with ease. We read reviews thoroughly, and almost everyone who owned this vouched for its efficiency, durability, and ease of recharging. We purchased it, and like others consider it the best LED flashlight available. We go more often in the woods during the evenings these days, and the spotlight in the flood focus nearly shows our home from the lake that is a good 300 metres away.

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I have been backpacking at least twice each year for the past four years. A camping trip has always been my way of unwinding and getting away from my busy work schedule. I recently joined a group of backpacking enthusiasts who feel that it’s their duty to encourage people to take up camping as a hobby as well as save the environment. So far, our membership is growing. Since joining the group, a question most new members ask concerns the type of tent to buy for a camping trip. Amazingly, many veteran campers including I never thought about it and didn’t have a straightforward answer. I’ve therefore compiled this short guide to finding the best tents for your trip.

The first thing to consider when buying a tent is your camping location. What are the geographical and climatic conditions there? The type of tent you buy should be able to withstand the elements ans well as keep you safe. You can also buy an all weather tent that works well in all climatic conditions.
Second, consider who will be using the tent. A single user tent will work great if you’re backpacking alone. A larger tent for two or more will be necessary if you’re being accompanied by your partner or family and friends.

Third, consider the type of material used to make the tent. Camping tents are made from a range fabric ranging from polyester to canvas. The pole materials include aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber. The materials used to make the tent will determine its weight, functionality and durability. It will also determine cost.

Finally, you should consider any additional features which make the tent more functional. For example, if you are looking for a two people tent, you might consider one with two doors for convenience.

Overall, there’s no single tent that can claim to be the best of them all. Finding the best is largely determined by your individual camping needs being met by a quality tent.